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02/10/21 08:57 AM EST
Replay | Turning Telemedicine into Medicine: Sen. Bill Frist on Needed Change
Takeaway: It was our pleasure to talk with Sen. Frist about telemedicine, how we are in the early days of its development and why the future is bright


It was my pleasure today to welcome former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD to the Hedgeye studio to talk about his advocacy for telemedicine, how the future will unfold and why it looks very much like the past. You can access the replay here.


0 - 2:36 Intro and welcome

2:37- 7:21 The origins of Sen. Frist's advocacy for telemedicine and why standard of care is more important than modality

7:22 - 10:43 Medicare law and its COVID-19 challenge

10:44 - 12:50 The rural-urban divide and the universality of virtual care

12:51 - 23:45 Extension of emergency provisions, state level advances, bias for video connections and the need to focus on standard of care

23:45 - 27:10 Established patients and telemedicine use by high cost FFS patients

27:11 - 36:26 Broadband and access to specialists for rual areas

36:27 -  43:00 Remote patient monitoring, mobile health and integration with telemedicine

43:00 - 46:50 TDOC+LVGO merger and what ithe integrated company looks like: A "seamless forgettable experience"

46:50 - 55:43 Chances for continuation of Trump policies under another administration

55:44 - 1:01 - Q & A


About: Senator William Frist, M.D. is a nationally-acclaimed heart and lung transplant surgeon, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, founding partner of Frist Cressey Ventures and chairman of the Executives Council of the health service investment firm Cressey & Company. He is actively engaged in the business as well as the medical, humanitarian, and philanthropic communities. He is co-founder of Aspire Health, founder of the Vanderbilt Transplant Center, and his board service includes publicly-traded companies Teladoc Health (virtual care) and Smile Direct Club (teledentistry).  Last year he launched “A Second Opinion” podcast, which addresses challenging healthcare issues of today from three distinct vantage points: policy, medicine, and innovation.   

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy

Thomas Tobin
Managing Director

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