09/24/20 01:00 PM EDT
Monthly Q&A Call (Aug 27th) - Send Us Your Questions!
Takeaway: Send us any questions you have regarding our positions, process, or thoughts on the sector, and join us in studio on Aug 27th at 12:30 PM.


New to Financial Sector Pro:

Last month, we hosted our first monthly Q&A call in which we will answer questions submitted by clients regarding the positions included in our Position Monitor, our process, and our high-level thoughts on the sector.

Ahead of each call, there will be a submission period during which subscribers can email us any questions they would like to have answered. 

Our second call will take place on Thursday, August 27th at 12:30 PM ET and will run for 30 minutes or less depending on the volume of questions that come in. 

If you cannot attend the call live, there will be a time-stamped replay made available shortly after, allowing for easy navigation of the discussion. 

***Please submit your questions to financialspro@hedgeye.com by EOD on Tuesday, August 25th.



Thursday, August 27th @ 12:30 PM ET - Add to Outlook Calendar


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