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09/17/20 12:55 PM EDT
Call Invite | Health Care Check Up | Robin Hood, #SecondWave, COVID Testing, Screen Results Hill-Rom
Takeaway: Please join us on Monday, June 15th, 2020 @ 10 AM ET for our Weekly Position Monitor Update.



Prior to news of COVID-19 re-acceleration in the early days of the re-opening, we spoke with a leading academic epidemiologist heavily involved in COVID-19 testing. Our contact viewed a #SecondWave as likely already underway in the United States with more to come, citing similar cases in Iran and Poland. In the near- term, it seems likely that the market will be placed between a concerned public without a vaccine and an economy that cannot afford a second lock down. On Monday’s Health Care Check Up, we will cover:

  • Robin Hood | As many have caught on, there has been an influx of retail investors in the past months as a result of targeted advertising and $0 commission fees. We will take a closer look into the ownership trends by Robin Hood accounts of our Position Monitor names.
  • #SecondWave | While a national re-acceleration seems unlikely, insights from our academic epidemiologist and policy analyst, Emily Evans, seem to guarantee local and regional outbreaks of COVID-19 throughout the phased re-opening of the United States. We'll present our field notes, some uncomfortable signs of a re-acceleration, and the hopeful data suggesting it might not be so bad.
  • COVID-19 Testing | Weekly testing remains substantially lower than the 5 to 20 million test recommended by the academic community. Along with capacity concerns for some large testing names, we'll review the initial findings and data from our proprietary testing data.
  • Screen Results - HRC | #MacroQuads matter, but so do fundamentals. We continue to find success screening our universe for Long and Short candidates using consensus estimate trends and the vectors of growth and acceleration. We have begun work on Hill-Rom after our Fundamental Equity Screen flagged it as a short earlier this week.

Hedgeye Health Care Check- Up | Robin Hood, #SecondWave, COVID-19 Testing, Screen Results Hill-Rom

Please join us on Monday, June 15, 2020 @ 10 AM ET - Add to Outlook Calendar

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All data available upon request. Please reach out to HealthCareTeam@Hedgeye.com with any inquiries.

Thomas Tobin
Managing Director

Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy

William McMahon

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