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02/10/21 08:41 AM EST
Replay | Productivity Revolution? | Telemedicine, RPM, Communication Technology-based Services
Takeaway: Links below to replay of regulatoy and policy advances that may pave the way for productivity improvements for the first time in a long time


The health care industry was moving toward greater efficiency and improved productivity before COVID-19. It had to. Payer mix had been drifting away from employer-sponsored insurance toward government programs for years. The Trump administration has been aggressively pursuing policies to expand the use of telemedicine, pulling every regulatory and policy lever possible. It was a slog, despite changes to law and regulation.

Until COVID-19

The outbreak fueled interest in not just telemedicine but in other technology based services like Remote Physiological Monitoring, Communication Technology-based Services and Voice enabled systems. That outcome is likely one of the first advances in productivity in health care in a very long time. You can access the replay here:

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0-3:50 Intro

3:50-5:26 Insured Medical Consumer

5:26-7:30 Four Trends in Health Care Technology-enabled Services

7:30 - 26:45 Telemedicine: Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial and Licensure Considerations

26:46-32:33 RPM, Communication Technology-based Services

32:33-41:54 Rural Telemedicine and FCC Programs

41:55-46:02 Emergence of Voice Technologies

46:02-51:01 Q & A

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Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy

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