Core Macro


The essential Macro insights to generate alpha, avoid major crashes, and prepare for big market trend changes (in either direction). The entire Core Macro research packages is delivered daily before the market opens. It combines 25+ trading ranges (buy low, sell high), Keith McCullough's Macro strategy note and The Macro Show live & on-demand webcast. Learn more

$699.00 / Year

Real-Time Alerts

For Active Traders | Real-time trading signals & coaching

This indispensable trading tool is based on a risk management signaling process Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough developed during his years as a hedge fund manager and continues to refine. Nearly every trading day, you'll receive Keith's latest signals—buy, sell, short or cover. Alerts also include our subscriber favorite 'Coaching Notes' which provide additional actionable market insights to help you make better decisions. Learn more

$49.95 / Month
$449.00 / Year

Risk Range™ Signals

For Active Traders | 20+ Proprietary Risk Ranges

Risk Range™ Signals is designed to help you understand where you're buying and selling within the risk range and help you make better sales at the top end of the range and purchases at the low end. Learn more

$29.95 / Month
$269.00 / Year

Early Look

For Investors of All Types | Daily Macro Intelligence

Relied upon by big institutional and individual investors across the world, our morning newsletter distills the latest and most vital market developments and insures that you are always in the know. Learn more

$29.95 / Month
$269.00 / Year

Bitcoin Trend Tracker

DESIGNED FOR THE CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADER | Bitcoin Sentiment Screener, Trading Ranges & Insight

The Bitcoin Trend Tracker brings Hedgeye Risk Management’s indispensable trading tools to the largest cryptocurrency. Our highly sought after, proprietary buy and sell risk ranges are specifically designed to help you make better sales at the top end of the bitcoin risk range and purchases at the low end. Subscribers also receive a variety of price, volume, volatility, sentiment and market data that our Macro team monitors to inform our fundamental views on Bitcoin. Learn more

$14.95 / Month
$134.00 / Year

Hedgeye Risk Manager

For Professionals and RIAs | The Holy Grail of Action and Insight

When you subscribe to Hedgeye Risk Manager you'll receive 8 core Hedgeye products (in addition to our Quarterly Investment Outlook and access to Macro Select) which will give you an unparalleled edge on Wall Street consensus. Learn more or Compare

$225.00 / Month
$2499.00 / Year

Market Situation Report

For Active Investors | Actionable Insights for an Options-Dominated World

Get an investing edge on the enormous amount of money flowing into options every day, what they're signaling, and the structural and behavioral trends driving markets higher or lower. The Market Situation Report features the Tier 1 Alpha team's daily newsletter and weekly webcast (actionable for active investors – even investors who don't trade options). Learn more

$49.95 / Month
$449.00 / Year