Core Macro
The essential Macro insights to generate alpha, avoid market crashes, and prepare for big market trend changes (in either direction).
The entire Core Macro research packages is delivered daily before the market opens. It combines 25+ trading ranges (buy low, sell high), Keith McCullough’s Macro strategy note and The Macro Show live & on-demand webcast.
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Most investors don't have a repeatable risk management process. As the Macro environment inevitably changes, a lot of great stock pickers and asset allocators get run over. Core Macro is our Macro research starter pack. We've curated our research offering to the essential tools that should be in every investor's toolkit so you can successfully navigate financial markets.
Our institutional subscribers manage more than $10 trillion in assets
Behind Core Macro
Designed for active investors seeking high-probability investment opportunities, Core Macro features Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough’s daily market strategy note, The Macro Show pre-market video broadcast, and daily trading ranges (buy low, sell high) for critical asset classes.
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Inside Core Macro
This essential bundle features the 3 Macro products you need to risk manage your portfolio and effectively time your trades

Based on the quantitative model Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough developed during his years as a hedge fund manager. Risk Ranges is delivered before the market opens and features 25+ daily trading ranges (buy low, sell high) on major equity and bond markets, commodities, currencies, and key stocks.

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This high-octane online investing TV airs weekdays at 9 AM ET. It features former hedge fund manager Keith McCulloughs daily investing playbook, contrarian macro insight and key investing implications. No BS whatsoever. Watch live or on-demand.

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This concise 5-minute investing strategy note has been written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough since 2008. It’s delivered every morning before the market opens and features contrarian Macro insight and investment ideas that’s a step ahead of Wall Street consensus.

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Analyzing Markets is a Process
Our team is made up of some of the most successful buy-side and sell-side analysts in finance. Our team brings deep backgrounds in macro and sector specific research. From Energy and Industrials, to Retail and Washington policy and everything in-between, you'll be hard-pressed to find an independent research firm which offers such a complete and integrated approach to investing analysis. Core Macro is a direct beneficiary of this unique combination of talent only our firm offers.
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About Hedgeye
Hedgeye Risk Management is an independent investment research and online financial media company, focused exclusively on generating and delivering thoughtful investment ideas in a proven buy-side process. The firm combines quantitative, bottom-up and macro analysis with an emphasis on timing.
The Hedgeye team features some of the most highly-regarded research analysts on Wall Street, covering Macro, Financials, Healthcare, Retail, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure (GLL), Restaurants, Industrials, Consumer Staples, Housing, Materials, Global Technology, Communications, Software, Demography, REITs and Washington policy analysis, including Macro, Healthcare and Telecom & Media.