Platinum All Access Pass

For Professionals and RIAs | The Complete Investing Research Package

Many of Wall Street's most successful money managers rely on our team of over 40 research analysts. Our institutional subscribers manage over $10 trillion in assets. Our mission is simple. We help investors big and small navigate turbulent markets and identify big risks and opportunities. We are unafraid to make non-consensus market calls... and more often than not ... we're right. The Platinum All Access Pass offers the complete package of Hedgeye products, plus a curated selection of institutional Macro research and webcasts, at a significant discount we only offer during our Cyber Monday special sale. Learn more


$1999.95 / Year

Elite Pass

For Professionals and RIAs | Next-Level Investing Research Package

Looking to take your investing to the next-level? Since the founding of Hedgeye in 2008, Hedgeye CEO (and former hedge fund manager) Keith McCullough's goal was to bring "hedge-fund quality research to everyday investors." That's precisely what you get with our Elite Pass. The Elite Pass offers investors access to Hedgeye's 7 flagship products at a steep discount we only offer during our Cyber Monday special sale. Learn more


$999.95 / Year

Macro Pro

For Professionals And RIAs | Comprehensive Macro Platform

Get unparalleled access to this institutional-grade research process with Macro Pro. This product is our most comprehensive macro-focused research product to date. In addition to the entire Hedgeye Risk Manager suite of investing products plus deep dive fundamental research analysis, Macro Pro also features our Macro team’s flagship product: The “Quarterly Macro Themes” presentation. Nowhere else on Wall Street can you get investing edge like this. Learn more


$4999.95 / Year

Portfolio Solutions

For Individual Investors | Our Favorite Long Only ETFs with Sizing Insights

Portfolio Solutions is designed to show investors how CEO Keith McCullough trades a long-only strategy using ETFs. This research package was created for time-constrained individual investors. Our goal is to provide an intuitive solution for the effective management of retirement funds. At the end of each week, Portfolio Solutions provides a list of all the tickers inside Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough's long-only ETF portfolio and the changes Keith made throughout the week. Learn more


$999.95 / Year

Market Situation Report

For Active Investors | Actionable Insights for an Options-Dominated World

Get an investing edge on the enormous amount of money flowing into options every day, what they're signaling, and the structural and behavioral trends driving markets higher or lower. The Market Situation Report features the Tier 1 Alpha team's daily newsletter and weekly webcast (actionable for active investors – even investors who don't trade options). Learn more


$325.00 / Year