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Many of Wall Street’s most successful money managers rely on our team of over 40 research analysts.

Our institutional subscribers manage over $10 trillion in assets. Our mission is simple. We help investors big and small navigate turbulent markets and identify big risks and opportunities. We are unafraid to make non-consensus market calls... and more often than not... we’re right.

The Platinum All Access Pass offers a premium package of Hedgeye products, plus a curated selection of institutional Macro research and webcasts, at a significant discount we only offer during our special Cyber Monday sale.


Macro Select

Macro Select


Macro Select premium research features curated “big picture” and real-time analysis from our institutional Macro team. These in-depth research notes give you serious edge on Wall Street consensus. In addition, the hallmark of our Macro Select premium research feed is our Mega Market Trends quarterly webcast. This deep-dive webcast is hosted each quarter by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough, presenting the top 3 trends that will drive financial market performance in the months to come. This is must-see TV and, simply put, analysis you can’t get anywhere else.

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ETF Pro Plus

For Investors of All Types | Tactical Macro ETF Exposures With Risk Management Levels

ETF Pro Plus distills our investment research down to our favorite macro ETF ideas with an added risk management overlay. This monthly macro strategy update is designed to select 10 to 20 essential ETF exposures within each of the seven major asset classes to keep you and your clients ahead of the next big market move. In addition, each week we also deliver Keith McCullough's quantitative levels for each of our favorite ETFs for added risk management.

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Market Edges

For Investors of All Types | Market Insights, Macro Edge

Market Edges covers the week's essential macro intel to help investors identify global risks and opportunities. Simply put, this macro newsletter crystallizes the big picture macro trends for which you and your clients need to be positioned.

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Quarterly Investment Outlook

Quarterly Investment Outlook

FOR INVESTORS OF ALL TYPES | Critical Macro Trends

Our Quarterly Investment Outlook distills the most important, market-moving macro-economic trends for the quarter into three themes (with an accompanying video presentation from our Macro team). The themes are the foundation upon which investment decisions are made and provide further big picture context on our top investing ideas.

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Real-Time Alerts

For Active Traders | Real-time trading signals & coaching

This indispensable trading tool is based on a risk management signaling process Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough developed during his years as a hedge fund manager and continues to refine. Nearly every trading day, you'll receive Keith's latest market signals—buy, sell, short or cover. While each signal is quantitatively driven, qualitative research from our team of over 40 analysts provides macro and stock-specific context to further guide you. Keith also includes 'Coaching Notes' with nearly every alert to help you apply our risk management process and make better decisions. We want you to be confident in your trades and develop your own investing process over time. Subscribers get the added bonus of receiving real-time, exclusive online access to Keith via 'RTA Live' webcasts where he offers detailed insight into why he's making the calls he's making and answers your question

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The Macro Show

For Investors of All Types | What Smart Investors Watch to Win

If there is a better way to begin your market morning than with The Macro Show we haven't seen it yet. Hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough at 9:00am ET, this special online broadcast offers smart investors and traders of all stripes the sharpest insights and clearest market analysis available on Wall Street. The icing on the cake is the interactive component at the show's conclusion where our team answers subscriber questions during live Q&A.

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Investing Ideas

For Long Term Investors | Risk Managed Long Term Investing for Pros

Our Investing Ideas product is tailor-made for the thoughtful investor with a longer-term investment horizon seeking high-conviction opportunities they can keep in their portfolio for many months - in some instances, years to come. In a nutshell, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough handpicks the "best of the best" long and short ideas delivered to him by our team of over 40 research analysts across multiple sectors. If you are looking for excellent ideas to help protect your portfolio and grow your wealth, Investing Ideas is designed with you in mind.

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Early Look

For Investors of All Types | Daily Macro Intelligence

The Early Look is our dynamic global macro strategy note designed to keep you a step ahead of the market crowd. Relied upon by big institutional and individual investors across the world, our morning newsletter distills the latest and most vital market developments and insures that you are always in the know. its often contrarian insight, analysis and takeaways put you and your portfolio in a position to succeed. It remains the must-read, non-consensus, market missive since it was first launched during the 2008 market crisis.

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Risk Range™ Signals

For Active Traders | 20+ Proprietary Risk Ranges

Personally developed by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough to augment his own portfolio's performance, Risk Range™ Signals is a quantitative tool tailor-made for active traders searching for the elusive market edge. Every morning before the market opens, Keith sends subscribers his 20 proprietary immediate-term Buy/Sell levels on major markets, commodities and currencies in addition to his bullish/bearish/neutral intermediate term view for each ticker. Risk Range™ Signals is designed to help you understand where you're buying and selling within the risk range and help you make better sales at the top end of the range and purchases at the low end.

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The Call @ Hedgeye

For Professional Investors and RIAs | Live pre-market stock analysis

The Call @ Hedgeye is a live webcast that pulls back the curtain on the decision-making process of a world-class hedge fund. Our entire team of 40+ research analysts discuss their high-conviction investing ideas weekday mornings at 7:45am ET (on-demand replays available). Hedgeye Founder & CEO Keith McCullough adds his Macro risk management overlay. You will not get this granular level of investing insight anywhere else.

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Hedgeye Risk Management is an independent investment research and online financial media company, focused exclusively on generating and delivering thoughtful investment ideas in a proven buy-side process. The firm combines quantitative, bottom-up and macro analysis with an emphasis on timing. The Hedgeye team features some of the most highly-regarded research analysts on Wall Street, covering Macro, Financials, Healthcare, Retail, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure (GLL), Restaurants, Industrials, Consumer Staples, Housing, Materials, Global Technology, Communications, Software, Demography, REITs, Energy, Digital Assets and Washington policy analysis, including Macro, Healthcare and Telecom & Media.
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